7+1 DIY PHONE CASE ideas Using JUST ONE Case! Easy & Cheap! Perfect For SUMMER!

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    Hey guys!! Today I bring you some phone cases! Enjoy!

    For the first case, start cutting a piece of paper with the size of your phone and paint some circles with some watercolor.

    I actually just mixed some water with some acrylic paint to get this effect.

    You can paint more layers and then add the green color.

    Once it dries you can paint the seeds, I made them with a metallic marker and you can leave it like this, but I decided to cut out the white part, and finally since the metallic seeds weren’t very visible, I decided to paint them again with black.

    For the second one, you will need a pic of a beach and trace you clear case and cut it out.

    I decided to mark the middle and trace a triangle and cut it, although you can leave it as it is too, and then I took some nail tape and added some decorations on the edge and on the rest to make it a little bit more interesting.

    For the next one you will need a clear template, I showed you how to make them in other videos, just trace your case in a plastic sleeve and cut it out.

    Then, I printed a pineapple pic, and stick to the template and on the other side I painted some paint lines in pink.

    For the next one you can search a tropical background, and drag it to a office document, you can write anything you want, I decided to highlight it with black and make the words white like so, you can make any design you want, change the font and everything and once you print it out simply outline your case and cut it out!

    For the next one I printed some cute ice creams from google images and cut them.

    You will also need the plastic template here and basically just place it on the back of your phone and arrange your ice creams however you like and once you have them all stick them with some double side tape, and that’s basically it!

    For the next one you can search for summer pics on tumblr or you can use your own photos with friends and arrange them in an office document, they have to make a rectangle that is at least the size of your phone and them you can write something there, I wrote summer and make the letters big, change the color, the font, play a little bit with your design and them print it out.

    Trace your case and cut it out!

    The next one is my favorite idea and you will need to print some succulents and roses from google images, choose your favorite pic and cut them out.

    You will also need a transparent template and I decided to add some nail tape to make it a little bit more interesting but is not really necessary if you don’t have it and after that arrange the pictures and stick them to the template with some double side tape.

    And as my extra idea, if you don’t want to print anything or use a plastic template you can use some label paper, and draw anything you want, I decided to draw some tropical leaves with a marker like this, you can use pictures online as a guide, I needed them myself because I'm terrible at drawing...LOL Then cut them, arrange them on your phone and simply stick them to your phone, and don’t worry you won’t damage the phone and simply then add your clear case.


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  • 7+1diyphonecaseideasusingjustonecase!easy&cheap!perfectforsummer!