DIY Unicorn Skin SLIME! 2 Simple Ingredients Slime! Trying ASMR! NO Borax/Contact liquid/Detergent

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    Hey! I hope you like this little unicorn skin slime!


    Start of with some clear glue and I decided to add a teeny tiny bit of pink paint to add a slight color.

    Then I took some unicorn skin or iridescent cellophane, and cut small pieces into the glue.

    Then I added like 3 teaspoons of salt into some hot water, I mixed everything together until the water was clear and the salt was dissolved.

    You should add a little bit of that mixture to the glue but don’t add too much because it can be too much and you can easily ruin it.

    And then simply take it out of the water and that's it!


    Music by: The fat rat, and Youtube’s library

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