10 DIY PHONE CASE ideas! Using ONE case! Disney, Tumblr & more!

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    Hey guys!! Today I bring you some phone cases! Enjoy!

    You will need a transparent phone case that fits your phone and then a transparent template.

    As I showed you in other videos, to make this take a plastic sleeve, trace the outline of your phone case and then cut it out.

    For the first case I chose this watermelon slices, print and cut them.

    Now take your plastic template and start arranging the slices on there.

    You can place them like this or randomly or however you want.

    So glue doesn’t work here, so I’m using some tape to stick the pieces in place, you can use double side tape or hot glue too and then just cut any excess from the sides.

    The second case is the easiest one, you just need some dry flowers, so I you see simply place them on your phone case and when you slide your phone they will stay in place.

    And you can also glue them down, but this way you can rearrange them as many times as you want.

    This illustration is from anum tariq, my favorite fashion illustrator, so I just printed and cut this picture then you can stick it to a plastic template with some tape.

    Now on the other side of the template with some acrylic paint make some brush strokes

    And I actually couldn’t help but making another one.

    For the next one I’m using some watercolor scrapbook and I’m using this heart punch, to make some hearts.

    Now take again another plastic template, and place it on your phone so you now where the heart are really going and simply arrange them, this time I decided to try hot glue, I have to say that it works perfect.

    And for the next design I chose this cute little donut that I cut it and stick it to my template, and in this case since it is slightly bigger I cut the excess from the sides.

    And of course I decided to write donut worry with a permanent marker.

    And my phone has these ugly number here, so I covered them with gold washi tape.

    And if you are too lazy to make this or to find phone case desingns just search cute phone backgrounds on google images and you will find tons of beautiful design that will already have kind of a phone shape.

    And I also found this Disney castle pic, so I had to use it for one of my phone cases, so I just cut it like the others and then I used this nail art tape to make my design a little more interesting.

    And I think it looks really nice so I decided to use it again for my last design.

    So first I printed this tinkerbell pic and cut it out.

    And I took a plastic template and I placed some tape at the top sticking it to the phone, just so it wouldn’t move.

    Now I made some like triangles and stuff with the nail art tape and once I was happy with it I glued the tinkerbell pic, and of course cut the excess tape from the sides.


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