DIY Plushy Panda Phone Charger/Holder! CUTE & KAWAII! EASY-NO SEW

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    Hey guys! I hope you like this little kawaii tutorial!

    My inspiration for the technique:

    For this project you will need:

    -Cardboard: 12 oval shape pieces (and a little more for the face)
    - A pair of white fuzzy socks
    - A pair of black fuzzy socks
    - Lots of glue!
    - Blush (optional)

    Trace an oval shape onto the cardboard and cut.

    You will need twelve cardboard shapes.

    Divide them into three groups of four like this.

    Then take one of the groups and take one of the cardboard pieces, and draw the outline of like the bottom part of your phone and the cord piece and cut that piece out.

    Now you can use this as a template to make the same thing on the rest of the cardboard pieces of this group.

    Take another group of the cardboard pieces and just draw the cord part, only the bottom part as I’m doing in the video, cut it and repeat for the other 3 pieces.

    So, you will get three groups of four, take the middle group and just glue them all together and I decided to also glue the cord to charge my phone to that middle area, you definitely can skip this step if you want and I wasn’t completely happy with it.
    Take out one cardboard piece of each of the other groups and just glue the rest, as we did before, to the center piece.

    Be careful with the cord with those back pieces.

    Now take those pieces that we set aside and cover them with some cotton, gluing it with hot glue.

    Take a white fuzzy sock, cut a piece and use it to cover the cotton and cardboard piece.

    For the middle section I used a black fuzzy sock, and it’s basically the same thing.
    For the ears cut two half circles and cover them with cotton, this time in both sides and then add some glue and cover it with a piece of black sock, the only important thing here is just to pull the fabric quite tightly.

    For the eyes I cut two ovals, these I covered them without adding cotton and I also covered a tiny piece of cardboard for the nose.

    Now just glue all the pieces in place, and also added some white fabric circles for the pupils.

    And I added some blush with a brush to make it even cuter.
    So just glue the back piece to the middle section, on the side where the cord is and the face to the other side, and cut the toe part of the black sock, fill it with cotton, close it with glue and glue it to the back to add the little tail, and oh my god! This turned out so so so cute! I think it looks super kawaii and it was actually really easy to make.

    The only part that I’m not sure about is that as I glue the cord in there, it takes a little bit to find the spot for the phone to charge but yeah! For the rest, I think it turned out amazing!


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