DIY Scratch-Off Phone Cases! Magic Reusable Iphone Cases! NO Wax Crayons!

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    Hey guys!! I hope you like this little idea!

    My inspiration:

    For this project you will need any phone case that fits your phone, it doesn’t have to be transparent or anything and a piece of label paper or sticker paper like this, you can use regular paper too if you can't find it.

    Take any crayons or markers you want, and first outline the shape of the phone case and start painting little areas here and there on the paper.

    After that take some tape, it’s better if you use one of those wide tapes that would cover the entire width of the paper but I didn’t have one so I just covered the whole thing line by line.

    After that cut the excess paper from the sides and stick it onto your phone case and if you used regular paper stick it with some glue.

    Don’t forget to Cut the camera hole with an x-acto knife or cutter and the last step is adding a thin but opaque layer of black acrylic paint.

    To make all the scratching I used the back of a brush but you can use a toothpick or a dotting tool and just draw what your heart desires on the case.


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