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    Hi guys! I hope you like this planner video!

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    So open an office document and make a line down the middle.

    Then create rectangles with size of the erin Condren, then write morning, like morning day and night, and copy and paste this so you get three each day, copy the whole thing to make more days, and for Saturday and Sunday we will make just one rectangle.

    Then write the name of the weekdays leaving a gap for the number and print the pages out.

    Print them on both sides and cut down the line in the middle to get A5 sized pages.

    The pages are undated, so what I did was simply write the numbers of the months and also the name of the month, just the first three letters, and print them out in label paper or sticker paper.

    To made this adorable dashboard with a pocket on the back, so I just search digital papers online, there are a lot of free resources, and print them out.

    Cut them and cut the one for the pocket a little slanted like so.

    Then glue them together and as to protect the dashboard I covered this side with book covering plastic, you can use a laminator.

    For stickers there are tons of free options online, and a trick when printing them is choosing the save toner or ink option, that way you can save up to a 15% of ink.

    When cutting them use a cutter or an x-acto knife and cut them without making a lot of preassure, so you just cut the sticker part and peeling them is super easy.

    To make a cover you can download pictures online, you can write quotes too, you can personalize it however you want, then print it out, and I decided to stick it to this glitter paper, you can leave it as it is too.

    There are different ways to make dividers but I made a guide rectangle with the A5 size and I made my image a little wider, then delete the guide and you can write a quote or whatever you want.
    I made 3 of them and I cut the excess paper.

    Take the first one and cut a tab at the top part and cut a strip until reaching the tab, then use that tab to mark the second one, cut following the marks and I also cut a strip except the tab part.

    And repeat.



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