DIY WINTER/Christmas Decorations! Light up sign, Edible Tree & more! Cute Holiday projects!

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    Hey guys!! I hope you like these cute Christmas decorations! Videos mentioned:

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    Projects in this video:

    1 for the first idea you will need some little braches or twigs and start covering them with some white glue.

    Once you covered that pour some fake snow, you can use salt too if you want, and also cover them with some glitter, you can choose any color you want and of course you can use the leftovers from the table again and again so you don’t waste anything.

    Let them dry and put them in a vase or a jar and for decorations I took these little balls, I fold a thread in half and then thread it through the ball, I tied a knot and cut the excess.

    2 Start off with some cardstock and fold it to make a cone and keep it in place with some tape and I cut the excess from the bottom.

    Now start arranging some chocolates making like a spiral shape, I was using double sided tape for this, but please don’t do that because it’s not strong enough and the chocolates will fall while you are sleeping and they’re gonna scare you so yeah… use hot glue instead.

    And once that’s ready fill the gaps with another spiral of tinsel.

    3 You will need a frame, you can also use a shadow box if you want, but as I couldn’t find one I cut some cardboard so it would fit in the frame, and then I covered the pieces with paper so they would be white, instead of brown.
    And I also printed “let it snow”, in white with a light grey border and I cut the letters, you can use premade letters too and I folded a square of paper in half twice, diagonally and then in thirds, cut the excess and made my design, you can find cool ones online so that way when you unfold it you get a cute snowflake.

    Then take some translucent plastic and arrange the letters and glue them down, you can of course write whatever you want.
    The final step is covering the back part of the frame with some aluminum foil and secure it with some glue, I made this so it reflects more light, cut the excess and then tape some Christmas light like so.

    Finally let’s put it all together, fist the frame, the plastic with the letters, the cardboard panels and the back of the frame, and secure it with tape, you can glue it together too, but I wanted it to be removable in case I want to change anything, and that’s basically it!


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