5+1 DIY PHONE CASE ideas! Using ONE case! Holo, Harry Potter, Tumblr & more!

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    Hey guys!! I hope you like these phone case ideas!

    For every phone case you will of course need a clear phone case that fits your phone.

    For the first design, which is the harry potter one just trace the outline of the phone case on a piece of paper so you know where to draw and cut it out.Draw your design, and then color the inside of the lines with crayons.

    Then I went over the pencil lines with a sharpie.

    Finally just cut the top part and put it on your phone!

    For the second design you will need this plastic template that I show you how to make in my other phone cases video, but basically just take a plastic sleeve, trace your phone case and cut.

    And you will get the perfect canvas for a transparent phone case.

    For this one I wrote Slay with a sharpie.

    And on the other side of the template just paint little strokes with some acrylic paint.

    Ok so for the next one yfor the third one, print any character you want, I chose alice:

    https://www.google.es/search?q=alice+in+wonderland+disney&safe=active&hl=en-ES&biw=1366&bih=589&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjMjfuy1u7PAhVDtBQKHfb2DGwQ_AUICCgB#q=alice in wonderland tumblr background&hl=en-ES&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CbGd6IYnOFGRIjgAIZ0uP2ng4SMpNruj3utrVrPMNqTpzEc6WKF-qcL732MV0tn9eEZxRJne18XZvtVlrZpPHoRPayoSCQAhnS4_1aeDhEfuX6xn6LoxsKhIJIyk2u6Pe62sRJag8xKMzidsqEglWs8w2pOnMRxFXi8J8KiupUioSCTpYoX6pwvvfEbOE9qPbY6bXKhIJYxXS2f14RnER_1zjAkRiPKj4qEglEmd7Xxdm-1RHTyUTzvon-WioSCWWtmk8ehE9rEadirm_1DVUKX&safe=active

    Just cut the picture and then take a piece of some holographic paper, this one I found at my local craftstore and glue the pic to the paper and make sure that it will fit on your phone.

    The next design is one of my favorites, and you will need to print out any picture, I chose these leaves:


    Just make sure it is slightly bigger than your case so you can trace it out.

    Don’t forget the camera hole and cut it out! You can leave it like this but I found this super cool like metallic sticker paper in my craft store, so I drew a triangle, like this and then stick it to the top part of the other paper.

    I also cut the camera hole in the metallic paper and that’s it!

    And for the last design just print this super cute giraffe picture:


    Make sure it has the size of your phone, carefully cut it out, and glue it to a plastic template.

    And as you can see the neck blocks the camera hole, so just cut that out and that’s it!

    And for the extra phone case, you can buy on ebay for really cheap this charms to glue on your phone:



    Overlays by Gabrielle Marie at: https://www.youtube.com/user/GlamSolutions

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