DIY fall ROOM DECOR WITHOUT using ORANGE! Make your room /dorm COZY!

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    Hey guys!! Today I will show you some diy room decor ideas for fall without using the color orange! You can orangify them too ^^

    Fox pillow:
    Start off drawing the fox on a piece of paper, first an oval shape, the ears, nose, cheeks and eyes.

    cut that out and trace the outline onto a piece of fabric, I used felt, and cut that out too leaving one cm of seam allowance.

    Cut another piece the same way, it can be the same color or different, and place them right sides together.

    And then sew or glue all the way around leaving a little gap at the bottom.

    Use that to turn it inside out, and stuff it with some cotton or pillow stuffing.

    Finally close that little gap.

    Now take the template again and cut the cheeks and the little triangles of the ears and use them to trace them onto some white fabric like this, cut them out, you don’t need to leave seam allowance this time and glue them careful to the pillow, you can sew them too, but I find gluing a lot easier.

    For the nose it’s super simple, just make a little black circle and glue it also to the pillow.

    And finally for the eyes you can cut like some curved lines but I decided to make them with some black rhinestone stickers.

    And that’s it!

    Owl photo holder:
    You will need some clay, I’m using the classic white clay and first I thought about incorporating some glitter as I’m doing in the video, but it was too much waste so I decided to leave the glitter for later… I shaped the owl like so, with its cute little ears and some holes for the eyes.

    And don’t forget to attach a wire so we can put the pin later.

    Let it dry for 20 hours more or less and mix some varnish or white glue or mod podge with glitter and paint all over the owl.

    Finally I used some rhinestone stickers, like the ones from the beginning, for the eyes and even tinier ones for the beak.

    I glued down the pin and it’s all done!! I really like how this one turned out, it’s super dainty and perfect to place next to jewelry or anywhere you want.

    The last idea is really easy to make and you will need a piece of wood like this, the size is up to you and I decide to cover the edges with some marble contact paper to make it look better.

    So start off sketching your design with a pencil.

    I decided to draw an arrow and then I wrote hello fall, you can write something else of course,…once you’re happy with the design go over it with a tiny brush and some white paint.

    It’s kind of tricky at first but then it gets easier and you can always erase any mistake with the brush dipped in some alcohol.

    Add as many coat as you want and it is ready to decorate you room so it’s perfect for fall.


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