10 Everyday THINGS You're Doing WRONG! AMAZING Life Hacks You DIDN'T KNOW!!

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    Hey guys!!! I hope you enjoy!!

    1 So the first one is about those annoying headphones, you know, you are listening to music, you have do something or go somewhere so you put them in your bag and when you take them out they have become like a brain teaser puzzle, and sometimes you’re just not in the mood to solve it! So the next time you’re using your headphones just use a hair clip, or any kind of clip for that matter, like so, and your headphones won’t get tangled again!

    2 So I think that it has happened to all of us, that we are going to write something with a pen and it doesn’t work, even if you know that it still has ink in it… so don’t throw it away, just heat the tip with a candle or a lighter and it will work again!

    3 So if when you look at the mirror every morning you feel like your hair is not healthy or it’s falling or you feel like your scalp is really itchy, and you don’t know what could be the problem…maybe it’s your shampoo, most of the typical shampoos that you can find at the drugstore have SLS, which is what creates the foam but it’s actually not very good for your hair or even for your health in general, so try switching to a more natural shampoo, maybe an organic one with no sulfates and your hair will feel so much healthier!

    4 And continuing with the health issues, I’m sure that after a large meal you usually feel really sleepy and you want to take a nap, but at least until know I wasn’t paying any attention to what position I was sleeping in.

    and sometimes I would have stomach ache afterwards, so yeah your stomach is on the left side of your body, so technically you are supposed to sleep on your left side like this so your stomach doesn’t hurt afterwards.

    5 So I’m sure it has happened to you before you want to eat some fruit and you find a banana that is just too ripe to eat, you know, the texture gets weird and stuff, but don’t throw it away, you can still use it if you put it in a glass and keep it the freezer like so, that way you can take it out whenever you want and make a smoothie with some milk, I’m using oat milk, and some raspberries, you can use any fruit you want and that’s it! You have a super healthy smoothie full of vitamins and really yummy.

    6 So if you are anything like me you make a lot of mistakes when writing, like you just realize immediately but the damage is done so you cross out the mistake but you can still see it so you cross it a little more, and a little more and suddenly it’s a total mess….

    But instead of crossing you can just write random words over it and your mistake will be completely covered.

    7 So when trying new foundations at stores, and if you are not sure what color to choose, I’m sure you just take the sampler and put it on your hand..

    but the thing is that probably your hand color won’t be exactly the same as your face color so don’t do that, instead just try it on your jaw line, I know that this is pretty obvious but I know a lot of people do it the wrong way so yeah, I wanted to share it!

    8 So if you breathe with your chest you can’t really take a lot of air, you are actually supposed to breathe with your belly, and that way you can take a lot more air, it’s actually easier if you lay down so try it that way and you will see!

    9 so the eternal problem, you have leftover pizza and you want to eat it so you put it in the microwave but the crust just get super soggy, so don’t do it like this, and no a glass of water doesn’t help either.

    So try using a sandwich maker like this one or a waffle maker if you have one.

    Place your pizza like so and let it heat for like 1 minute and it will be ready, and guys it turns out awesome it tastes like it was fresh made so definitely you should try this one out!

    10 even if you are super tempted to scratch mmosquito bites, don’t scratch them, an effective remedy is heating a spoon in some hot water like this and press it onto the mosquito bite, and this is because heat destroys the protein that causes the itchiness, just press it slightly for like half a second, if you can handle the heat longer, it’s not hot enough, just be careful of course but it has to be really hot and just tap it super gently.


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