DIY KIT KAT Notebook! WEIRD Back To School Supplies You Need To Try!

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    Hey guys!! I’ve seen tons of weird diy school supplies videos on youtube.

    So today I’ll bring you my own version, and I will show you how to make a DIY kitkat notebook!
    You will need a little notebook; I’m using this A6 size one but can use anyone you want.
    You will also need a piece of cardboard like this and I use a nail file as a guide to make the kitkat fingers.

    Also cut another piece of cardboard of the same size of your notebook.
    Then start covering the cardboard pieces with some air drying clay in a brown color.

    First the front and the sides and then the top and make some diagonal cuts, making sure that you don’t cut the cardboard, so it looks like a kitkat finger.

    Shape it with your hands until you like how it looks and then repeat with the other three cardboard pieces.

    As you see you only need to cover the top part.
    You will also need to cover the big piece with the brown clay, just a thin layer on the top half of the rectangle.
    Arrange all the pieces so it looks like a kitkat and let it dry for at least 20 hours.
    For the next step, I decided to print out the logo like so and covering it with book covering plastic, so it looks more like a wrapper and cut the excess.
    Now arrange your wrapper onto the kitkat bar, and make a cut at the top like so, so it looks like the wrapper is open.

    To make it more realistic you can add some tin foil too.

    Secure the paper in the back with some hot glue.

    And for the bottom I used this edge scissors and I also glued that part to the back like so.

    Finally arrange the tin foil, so it looks super realistic, you can add some glue to secure in place and glue your fake kitkat to the notebook.
    I didn’t like how the spine looked like so I printed some more red paper, covered it with plastic and used that to cover the spine and the back of the notebook.

    Secure it with glue, you can use hot glue or regular glue for this and you kitkat notebook is finished!

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